Who We Are:
Located in Portland, Oregon, John Macnab Plastering delivers excellent service, expertise, and knowledge of interior surfaces.  Plaster brings a distinctive classic look to your walls and ceilings.  We service the greater Portland metropolitan area, and can travel to other cities in the western states to accommodate your design needs.  We have years of experience to offer the best quality product to your home.  

Why Choose Plaster?
Plaster is affordable, and plastered walls are smooth, durable, and radiant.  In addition to its superior aesthetic qualities, plaster has excellent fire retardant and sound proofing qualities.  Plaster is a natural non-toxic material with no VOC's.  It is dust-free, mold resistant, and repairable. You can choose a plain finish that can be painted over, or choose any color to tint the plaster for a natural, beautiful wall.  Our Plaster Finish Samples page features some of the finishes, textures, and colors available to you.  To learn more about plaster, visit our Information page.  With plaster, your home can have walls of warmth and elegance that reflect your taste and  style.

Homeowner Satisfaction
Plastering is quick, clean, and convenient.  Because plaster is finished while wet, no dust is created. It is an excellent alternative to drywall and paint. Visit our Gallery to see rooms finished with smooth or polished plaster.

Old World Tradition 
Plaster has been used for thousands of years to create interior wall surfaces of unique beauty and permanence.  The enduring elegance of plaster is still seen in the ancient walls of buildings along the Mediterranean, as well as the interior walls of the Egyptian pyramids. The materials and techniques utilized by plasterers today are essentially the same as those used by artisan plasterers throughout the ages.

Contemporary Appeal
When remodeling older houses, particularly Victorian and Craftsman style homes, the best choice for wall surfaces is real plaster.  The classic, timeless look and feel of plaster make the remodel more period correct; plaster does justice to the original house. 

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