Decorative Interior Wall Finishes by John Macnab
Gypsum plaster, with terra cotta tint.
Sand finish plaster ceiling
Open grain gypsum plaster
Open grain finish gypsum.
Sand finish gypsum  - great for ceilings, no painting required.
Tinted  plaster flush with wood trim.
Venetian plaster with Sea Green tint
Venetian plaster
Terra cotta tinted Venetian plaster
Venetian plaster with deep terra cotta tint
Venetian plaster showing sheen
Venetian plaster with blue gray tint
Terra cotta tinted Venetian plaster showing sheen.
Blue gray tinted Venetian plaster
Tinted plaster flush with wood trim
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Gypsum smooth finish plaster flush with trim
Imperial smooth finish plastered up to trim
Imperial gypsum smooth plaster finish
Imperial gypsum smooth finish
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Decorative Interior Wall Finishes:   
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