Gallery of Plaster Finished Rooms
Particle board arches prepared for plasterNatural untinted plaster finish on archesNatural untinted plaster on archesRed oxide tinted cement fireplaceCraftsman style living room showing earthtone plaster walls and paler tinted archwayPale terra cotta "distressed" finish wall flush with natural plaster arch.
Terra cotta wall below with natural tinted column,Cratsman style dinning room with earthtone tinted plaster and paler tinted plaster above picture rail.Gray tinted plaster walls with natural plaster ceilings.Gray tinted plaster walls with natural plaster ceilingsDetail of distressed terra cotta plaster finish.View of arches from bottom of stairwell.
Gallery of Work
The rooms shown here give an idea of the various finished plaster surfaces using different techniques, colors, and materials.

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"Just as there is no substitute for real wood floors, there is no substitute for real plaster"
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